Better WP Security and Contact Form 7 Conflict

WordPress Plugins

Do you use Contact Form 7 on your site? Did your forms stop working in IE and Chrome, but not Firefox? That’s what happened to my contact forms. I’m not totally sure if recent updates caused the issue, but I know they were working correctly when the site was launched a couple of weeks ago.

When I first start troubleshooting any sort of site issue, I always start off by deactivating all of the plugins. If the issue is still there, I revert to one of the default themes.

In this case, I turned off everything but Contact Form 7 and checked if the spinning arrow issue was still happening. Nope. It was fixed. From there I started turning plugins back on, one by one, until it stopped working again. Better WP Security was the culprit. I really love this plugin, so I didn’t want to leave it turned off. After about an hour of testing different settings, I found that these 2 check boxes were causing the problem.


These options are under Security > System Tweaks. Hopefully there will be a fix for this in upcoming releases, but leaving these turned off isn’t a huge problem.

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