Looking for someone to keep your WordPress site updated? Well you’ve come to the right place! Your website is important. Make sure your WordPress install stays up to date, secure and stays working with all the features you need. Contact me and I’ll make sure your WordPress site is kept up to date and secure.

I have a set process I follow to make sure your site is safe. Here’s what I do to make sure your site is a-okay:

  • Install and setup the best database backup plugin available and I backup and download a copy of your WordPress database before I do anything. In the event that any sort of problem occurs, your site and all of it’s data is able to be recovered. This will also save all your theme and plug-in settings.
  • Pull down a copy of all the plug-ins you have installed.
  • Download your theme, all your uploaded files and all the other files your theme uses and I back it all up.

After all of that is done, then I will take care of updating your plug-ins and core WordPress install. I also will test your site to make sure everything is working the way it was before the update. If you need WordPress maintenance contact me and we can get your site safely and securely updated.