Split a Post Title in Half

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In this post I’ll explain how to take a WordPress page or post title, split it in half and style each half differently.The first thing we’ll need to do is get the title and turn it in to a variable. Then we need to explode that variable using a space as the break point.split title in half Then we can count the total words in the title and divide that number by 2 to figure out where to split it. After that we create a 2 separate strings and can use those variables however we like.

$title = get_the_title($ID);
$word = explode(' ', $title);
$totalwords = count($word);
$halfnumber = $totalwords / 2;
$string1 = implode(' ', array_slice($word, 0, $halfnumber));
$string2 = implode(' ', array_slice($word, $halfnumber));


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